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Visit my own medieval archery group, The Scarlet Company!

We are always adding books and links to our site.  Check back often! 
Here is a set of useful links broken into categories:

Medieval Wares
SCA Links

Medieval Wares (including books, garb, weapons, and more!)

Chivalry Sports Renaissance Store
Museum Replicas
Arms & Armor
Swords 'n' Stuff
Arms and armor links courtesy of William of Stafford, SCA
Mlodn the Mercheant

Informational Links

History / Wars / Battles: Hundred Years' War
The Medieval English Longbow
Wyvern Hall InterNet Resource
The Hundred Years' War History Page
Warrior Kings and Princes
Camelot International
The Costume Page - Informational Links
Ancient Civilization
Harleian Manuscripts
Steve's HomePage - The Dark Horse Realm
Gavin Yewarm  
The Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL SunSITE)
Historical Costuming FAQ by Laura Fabans
Electric Renaissance
Golden Lions Home Page
Sherwood Initiative
Medieval Enthusiasts in the Modern World (Libellum Mundi)
Wolfe's Company
Official Amtgard Garbers Guild Page
Stefan's Florilegium: Clothing

SCA Links

The SCA Home Page

Midrealm Calendar

The Rolls Ethereal -- Introduction
People and Groups in the SCA
SCA Outlands -- Target Archery Handbook
The Barony of Roaring Wastes Home Page
The Barony of Northwoods Home Page
Cynnabar Home Page
Ye Far From Home Pages of Kudrun the Pilgrim
Shire of Rokeclif